Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thing #10: Sharing Photos (Instagram)

Alright, one more, and then I think my brain has done all the app exploring it can handle for today....
I had a hard time deciding which app to explore for this category, as both SnapChat and Instagram are apps my friends have been talking a lot about/using. But as I don't take a ton of pictures, I really haven't had a strong desire/reason to use them. I ended up deciding to explore Instagram, as SnapChat really seems pointless to me.
At first, when I searched for Instagram in the App Store, I couldn't find it....which is odd because I know it exists. So, I used the Google Search app I installed earlier today to do a web search, and install it from there, which worked like a charm.
I do really like the social aspect of Instagram, as I said, I'm not a huge photo taker, but do enjoy looking at other people's photos. And very few of the photos that were posted on Instagram were also on Facebook. The photo taking/sharing process was also very easy to use. So if I took more photos, I can definitely see myself using this app!

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  1. Snapchat is so utterly pointless; I know, I use it. Odd that you couldn't find Instagram in the App Store. Did you check the iPhone apps as well? My iPad defaults to iPad apps and Instagram is technically an iPhone one.

    Also, congratulations on completing your tenth Mobile Thing! You have qualified for a badge. Send an email to with your name, the blog name, and that you're from SELS to receive it and to let them know to update their listing.