Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thing #5: Notetaking (Remember the Milk)

I have a grocery list app that I use regularly on my Android Phone (Out of Milk), so I was interested to see how the functionality of Remember the Milk compared to that. Right off the bat, I wasn't a fan that I had to create an account.... I realize there are probably benefits I get from creating an account.... Then, I realized that my notion going into this was wrong. This isn't a grocery list app (Though I guess you COULD use it that way). It's a to do list app. And this, I really don't have a ton of usefulness for..... Except in times where I have LOTS of balls up in the air and things to do, I'm typically not a to do list person. And when I do make a to do list, I guess I'm old school in that I do it on paper. So, another app I'll likely delete as soon as I finish this post.

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  1. And what's with all the milk anyway? Not that I object as I'm an avid milk drinker but it seems odd to see it in two related apps on one post.

    Also, congratulations on completing your fifth Mobile Thing! You have qualified for a badge. Send an email to with your name, the blog name, and that you're from SELS to receive it and to let them know to update their listing.