Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thing #6: Creating and Editing Docs (QuickOffice)

Creating and editing documents is something I've always considered that I'd primarily do on a laptop or desktop. Primarily because if I'm going to be doing a lot of typing, I don't really want to use the onscreen keyboard. I realize I could solve this by getting a wireless keyboard of sorts.... Anyhou, being able to do quick edits on a document without having to lug my laptop around would be handy. But since I store most of my documents on a flash drive, and my iPad obviously doesn't have any USB ports, that would be a roadblock as well. I do have a Google Drive acct set up....
Anyhou, on to QuickOffice.... I can definitely see the usefullness of this for quick editing. Example: earlier this week I was meeting with several other area library directors to review/edit a draft of a PowerPoint presentation we are doing to our County Board in April. We wanted to be able to edit as we were talking so that one of us didn't have to do so once the meeting concluded and we returned to our libraries. It was a lunch meeting, so we met at an restaurant. I brought my laptop along, and it was a bit cumbersome to pass that around etc. Using a tablet instead would have been a better solution.
So, QuickOffice made the cut and will be staying on my iPad.

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  1. Excellent! Happy to see some professional usefulness for some of these apps.